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Sweepers from Professionals

The Haaga patented disc brush system

Unlike other sweepers we rely on our patented disc brush technology. Two specially-made, opposing circular brushes cut under the waste and whisk it directly into the waste container. There is no disturbing front wheel, rubber lip or deep-seated dirt container which prevents picking up dirt. Everything, even wet and dry foliage, stones, flat and coarse dirt will be picked up.

Due to the disc brushes you can sweep directly along walls. Another advantage is the stepless adjustable sweeping pressure of the disc brushes and fi ne dirt brush. The dirt container can be removed, emptied and reinstated very easily. For professionals we have developed our Turbo sweeping system which guarantees even more effective sweeping due to an additional fine dirt brush.

The unique disc brush system of Haaga

Patented disc brush technology. Here two special counter-rotating disc brushes cut below the waste and push it directly into the waste container. The coarse or fine waste is not "driven over" or simply pushed in front of the sweeper. Even wet foliage is picked up properly.

Double sweeping due to the turbo sweeping system

In the 400/600 series, the disc brush technology is extended with a fine dirt brush behind it. These machines sweep twice in one step. Even the most fine debris is collected.

Intelligent airflow system

The 400/600 series are equipped with two special filters. The air containing dust is cleaned within the machine and returned to the sweeping cycle. Thus, the operator does not need to stand in a cloud of dust.

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