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Electric Multi-Purpose Articulating Forklift Truck

Quality Narrow Aisle Lift Trucks for Space Optimization

The Bendi Electric Narrow Aisle trucks are available with three stage tilting masts, with lift heights up to 36 feet (11M). Quad masts also are available to 26 feet (7.92M), which gives the Bendi high stacking ability, while allowing the low mast height necessary to work in highway trailers or travel through low doorways. Electric capacities range from 3,000 pound (1363kg) to 4,500 pound (2045kg) capacity.


Besides working in narrow aisles, the Bendis can also work in bulk storage and congested manufacturing areas, in push-back and drive in rack systems, rail cars, and outdoors. The Bendi comes standard with an 11.8 inch (300mm) stroke side shifter and can also be equipped with a variety of hydraulic attachments, such as paper roll clamps, push/pull, drum clamp, and a carton clamp to further enhance its versatility.

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