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Total Damage Prevention

- Material Handling Industry -

FlexCore Bollard - Flexible Bollard with Steel Core

FlexCore Bollard is stronger than steel plate bollards and easier on your equipment and people. No more holes to dig, concrete to pour or pipes to paint, the FlexCore Bollard installs in a fraction of the time and at much lower cost, without sacrificing strength.

Features & Benefits

Patented, energy-absorbing bollard design withstands impacts without damaging the concrete floor


Energy Absorbing Design—Impact forces are directed into the shock-absorbing load ring and tensile solid steel rod


Rotating HDPE Shell—Exclusive shell design rotates with sideswiping hits


Quick Installation—Installs fast, protects for years

No exposed hardware



* Zinc Plated Steel

Stock Colors


* FlexCore 4     * FlexCore 6    * FlexCore 8

Test Report

Product Sheet

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