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Total Damage Prevention

- Material Handling Industry -

Rack End Protector

It will get hit. And every time it does, it saves you from costly damage. With each hit, bump and scuff, it diffuses the impact—stopping forklifts and pallet jacks with a calculated amount of energy absorption. Sideswipes get steered back on track. We call it a controlled deflection. You'll call it peace of mind. Behind that bright yellow shell is all the innovation you can't see. Over 55 pounds of high-tensile steel fastened to the concrete with 10 inches of shock-absorbing steel anchors. Now you're safe to go about your business.

Features & Benefits

High Visibility: Your best defense is being seen


All-Angle Protection: Absorbs direct impacts, deflects glancing blows


Zero Maintenance: Install it once, get peace of mind for years


* Zinc Plated Steel

* Polypropylene

Test Report

Product Sheet

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