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Total Damage Prevention

- Material Handling Industry -

Pedestrian Barrier - Guardrail Safety Barrier

Your most important barrier is the one separating your workforce from the 4-ton forklift careening across your warehouse floor. Our fully customizable guardrail safety barrier system keeps your people safe, and your business protected—with the most advanced protective system ever designed.

McCue's Pedestrian Barrier guard rail can also combine McCue's Crash Barrier areas that need an extra level of protection

Features & Benefits

Energy Absorbing Design: Impacts are directed along the rails and into the concrete

Complete Protection: Post and rail safety barrier system protects the entire area

Modular Design: Accommodates any space, regardless of size

Adaptable: Combines with McCue's Crash Barrier for added strength


* Zinc Plated Steel


Stock Colors

Test Report

Product Sheet

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