Increased Productivity 

The LSC stand up compact forklift makes stacking and dock work very easy. The short turning radius, high visibility mast and compact design help operators move materials at maximum efficiency.

The LSC is excellent for manufacturing and warehouse environments, and efficiently works on the dock for loading/unloading trailers and containers; in bulk storage; drive-in rack, push-back rack and anywhere that loads need to be moved quickly and efficiently. The light weight of the LSC makes it suitable for multi-floor warehouses.  The narrow width and short length make it possible to work in less space than any other stand-up model on the market today. The battery compartment has Teflon slides for easy slide-out from the left or right side of the truck. The narrow overhead guard is set up to work in narrow drive-in rack aisles.  

Ergonomic Design

The low step height provides easy access on and off the truck for order picking and load checking. The optimized operator controls make the LSC comfortable, convenient and safe for the operator. A single joystick directional, acceleration and lift/lower control makes for easy operation and comfort for the driver. A parking brake is automatically applied and power to the traction motors are disconnected when the operator removes the foot from a deadman pedal.  



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