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“Your company is not a Circus”


Being up to your expectations has always been our mission, that's why FARAONE presents the new Electrical Ladders, ELEVAH built entirely of aluminum to be more lightweight, yet strong. The ladders that raises you, in all senses.


Platforms for working in safety even at low levels

This new type of platform arose from the need to increase the level of safety at lower heights as well, either when maintenance work or inspection was being carried out on a daily basis, for example, on construction sites and in industry, or during the storage or picking of products in warehouse and supermarkets.

Why does safety need to be improved at lower heights?

Falls from a height are one of the leading causes of death or serious injury at work. One of the most common causes is falling from the ladder.  Organizations which are responsible for preventing accidents at work, about 85% of all falls from a ladder occur from a height of no more than 3m.  The reason for almost 90% of all accidents due to ladders is their lack of stability.

ELEVAH is the answer to the new safety requirements

Over the past few years, the need for there to be light and compact platforms available at your business or construction site has greatly increased.  These must be able to reach even the most awkward places quickly whilst above all ensuring the maximum safety of the operators who have to work at height.

The ELEVAH series

The series grew out of FARAONE Industries SPA constant search for solutions which would allow people to work at height in complete safety. The ELEVAH series includes a wide range of machines which share the common characteristics of being light in weight, easy to handle and absolutely safe.

Practical & Ergonomic Picking Trucks

The electric platform

In addition to having a payload capacity of 100kg this is able to hold up to 0.4 square meters of goods, whilst ensuring easy operator handling.

Single lever joystick

The single lever joystick permits the machine to be completely controlled using only one hand.

Maximize safety in your company

The ELEVAH stands out because of the great attention given to every single detail which increases operator safety.

Increase the protection factor

By minimizing the risk of accidents when working at height.

Prevention is better than cure

Raise the level of prevention

By significantly reducing the risk of accidents, thanks to the ergonomically designed workstations. These allow the user to work without excessive effort and maintain the correct posture.

Save time, effort and money

Increase your business’s profitability.

By having machines available which can move around quickly, are easy to handle and are equipped according to the activities which are being performed at height (maintenance, inspection or picking).

We have been repeating this for years, with the new ELEVAH Electrical Ladders work times are reduced, fatigue and accidents are halved, and labor costs are reduced by 50%. A wide, complete, and updated range of products guarantees constant safety and meets every requirement.

Why having two operators when the same operation can be performed by one single person? 50% saving immediately, the best way to reduce costs and boost your morale and your business. Easy to displace and handle, thanks to its compact dimensions. This reduces work times and risk of accidents.


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