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Total Damage Prevention

- Material Handling Industry -

Goal Posts - Door Protection

There’s only one way to get from one part of your warehouse to the other—through the door. Day after day, every loaded pallet has to pass through the same fragile space. We engineered our goalpost door protection to withstand direct impacts from heavy equipment, spinning and lifting to absorb damaging forces. Best of all, they install fast—thanks to molded nylon cups that let each support pipe to install independently.

Features & Benefits

Energy Absorbing Design: Goal Post sides spin and lift when impacted to absorb impact forces


Complete Protection: Post and rail system protects the entire door area


Quick Installation: Installs in minutes, with no welding, protects doors for years


Fork truck mast will hit goal post before impacting the door frame, protecting the door


* High Density Polyethylene

* Powder Coated Steel

* High-Strength Nylon Crossbar joint

Stock Colors


* Height and width designed to fit doorway size

Product Sheet

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