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Total Damage Prevention

- Material Handling Industry -

Rack Mounted Guard

Operating vehicles around pallet and storage racking will always present the danger of accidental impact. Our Rack Mounted Guard is an easy-to-install, high-strength solution to protect your racking and its contents. The polyethylene body provides strength and durability to absorb impacts and is flexible to suit a variety of racking sizes. Just wrap the velcro straps around the racking leg and you're done.

Features & Benefits

Energy Absorbing Design—Polyethylene body flexes open to absorb impact energy


Adjustable—Protects a variety of rack sizes from 23⁄8″(60mm) to 3¾″ (85mm)


Quick Installation—Quick and easy installation using velcro fastener straps


Tested—The Rack Mounted Guard exceeded impact requirements of EN 15512.



Stock Colors


* Protects a variety of rack sizes from 238" (60mm) to 3¾″ (85mm)

Test Report

Product Sheet

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