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Quality Floor Marking Products

Durable Peel-&-Stick

Floor Striping, Shapes & Singage

Easy, Efficient, Economical & Extensive

DuraStripe Features

* Simple peel-&-stick installation

* Easy to remove for quick reconfiguration.

Ideal for 5S, Six Sigma, Visual Workplace & Lean Manufacturing marking programs

* No dry time, cure time, fumes or messy clean up to limit productivity

* Comprehensive collection of stock & custom signage


X-Treme DuraStripe is the industrial workhorse of safety striping. X-Treme has a smooth, solid surface which resists the wrinkling or puckering commonly caused by pivoting or skidding forklift wheels.

Beveled edges serve to deflect side hits from causing damage, and X-Treme's hard, smooth surface makes it easy to clean and maintain. X-Treme is available in 2",3" and 4" rolls, as well as exceptionally rugged shapes and icons. Offered in 11 standard colors, X-Treme DuraStripe provides the most versatile pallet for 5S and Lean Manufacturing indications.

Supreme V

This 5th generation of DuraStripe combines the unique durability and aggressive, comfortable adhesive from original DuraStripe with a much lower profile surface layer. Additionally, a tapered edge on 2",3" and 4" rolled stock helps eliminate potential impact damage. Supreme V is the most flexible DuraStripe Solution for less than perfect floors.

Supreme V is the preferred choice for rolled material greater than 4" wide, up to 34" walkways. Supreme comes in 7 standard solid colors. It is also the only choice available for hazard striping and in-line print options.

Mean Lean

Mean Lean won't work everywhere but in the right environment, Mean Lean presents the best value in the DuraStripe family. Although it is not beveled on the edge, it has the lowest profile of the DuraStripe rolled product, making it resistant to damage caused by side hits when used on smooth flooring. It also has the same surface that makes our X-Treme resistance to pivoting and skidding damage. Mean Lean's palette of 7 colors is supplied in 200' x 2",3" and 4" rolls, as well as an extensive array of shapes and icons.

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Deep Freeze

DuraStripe Deep Freeze combines a durable, impact resistant striping surface with an aggressive, low temperature adhesive to deliver a safety striping material that conquers even the harshest freezer environments. Its low friction surface is engineered to resist damage caused by skidding and pivoting forklift wheels - two common causes of aisle marking destruction. Beveled edges assist dragged or pushed pallets in sliding over the stripe to resist chipping, slicing and tearing, even in cold environments. Only available in 2" & 4" yellow.

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