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DuraStripe - Deep Freeze

DuraStripe - Deep Freeze


DuraStripe Deep Freeze is the most rugged peel & stick striping material you can use, ideal for cold/low temperature environments, freezer interiors or other temperature controlled environments.


Deep Freeze DuraStripe combines a durable, impact resistant skin with an aggressive adhesive to deliver a striping material that conquers harsh and cold storage as well as freezing environments.  Its specially designed surface layer is engineered to resist damage caused by pivoting and skidding forklift wheels - two  of the most common causes of aisle marking destruction. Its beveled edge assists dragged pallets in sliding over the stripe to avoid slicing or tearing even in cold environments.


** The cure time for Deep Freeze adhesive is directly related to application temperature. The ideal application temperature to achieve that most rapid bond is 40℉ (5℃). If necessary Deep Freeze can be installed at -20℉ (-29℃), or even lower temperatures, but installation in environments below freezing will prolong the time necessary to achieve maximum bond.

Color: Yellow