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DuraStripe - DuraView

DuraStripe - DuraView


DuraView is the exclusive flexible system for producing your own durable Peel-&- Stick signage with DuraStripe protection. Use your printer, or even just a magic marker and a piece of paper to make instant DuraStripe signs with DuraView from Ergomat!


DuraView’s attention grabbing yellow border protects US Letter and A4 sized paper inserts on 3 sides for easy exchange flexibility. Choose to keep the long side or short side of the DuraView open for horizontal or vertical installation orientation. Using DuraView to make your own custom signage is as easy as PEEL ~ STICK ~ PRINT ~ INSERT ~ DONE!


DuraView is perfect for temporary or permanent floor signs, safety warnings, lean instructions, location indicators, bar codes or any other information you would use signage to convey. Keep several DuraViews on hand so you are prepared to install instant signage whenever the need arises.