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ERGOMAT® Sticky Mats provide a fast, convenient, reliable way to clean show soles or other items before entering a clean and sanitary area. Sticky Mats significantly reduce traffic-borne contaminants. Sticky Mats have proven themselves effective in a wide variety of industries such as microelectronics, aerospace, pharmaceuticals and food processing, the disposable Sticky Mat is the best, most reliable way to keep floors debris free. 

The Sticky Mat Advantage

•This peel-off design eliminates messy and time-consuming cleaning and washing and makes it easy to keep a clean sticky mat at all times.

•A clear release sheet protects the top sheet of the sticky mat until it is ready to use.

•The corner tabs are consecutively numbered to show the number of remaining sheets, thereby helping you to keep track of the number of sheets remaining and preventing multiple sheets being removed at once.

Spec Sheet
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